April 3, 2012

Completed Birds and Dad Quilt

Well, I'm doing pretty well I think, 2 projects down in 2 months! WOOHOO!

This is the 2nd official (translates as 'finished') quilt I've made. It's a scrappy quilt I made my Dad. He loves blue, I lean more towards turquoise hence the 'background' color of the blocks. He loved it and the booties I sent with the quilt. You know you've done well when your Dad tells you he was napping under the quilt (with the booties on) within 10 mins after opening the box! Yep, I did a lot of patting myself on the back. :-)
Here is the transformation of the Birds that were started in DECEMBER (dang!). I didn't use all of them yet, but some have undergone further transformation and are waiting for me to figure out how to display them to their best advantage.
The base is a wooden votive candle holder that I transformed into flowers. I used 1/2 a stryofoam ball for each center, cut out and painted paper flower petals and then used some paperclay to ring the 'centers' of the flowers. Although it is mostly acrylic paint that colors the forms I tried my hand at combining mediums on this one, acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, watercolors and paperclay. Now to find new homes for the 2 other birds!

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