August 10, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but somedays it feels like it!

Summer has been a busy time for me, not the least of which is yard work on top of regular work and house work - ok, maybe not that much house work, but still a lot of things have been keeping me away from writing.
New in my world are Fern and Ivy, two of the most wonderful chickens I've ever had the pleasure to know. They are Sussex (Coronation Sussex to be fancy) chickens. I've never raised chickens before, and didn't want to deal with chicks and all their care needs, so purchased two grown and laying hens. In the short time I've had them they have just been a delight to watch and interact with. The only advantage to starting with chicks is that they can be trained for picking up and cuddling, once I catch Fern or Ivy they settle in quite nicely, cuddle and burble at me, but catching them is the challenge, they can move FAST!
I've been wanting chickens for some time now and to finally have them is just wonderful. I was blessed to have a friend build me this wonderful coop/chicken tractor for the girls to live in. Most of the day they wander my backyard eating bugs and chasing snakes, but at night they snuggle down in their comfy cosy coop.