October 27, 2011

Art Everyday for a Month

Once again Leah Piken Kolidas - Creative Every Day - is challenging people to make 'art' everyday in November. 

As Leah says in her blog: 
"Your daily creations can be anything you desire (from painting to drawing to photography to writing, etc...) You can work with a theme or do something different every day. It's entirely up to you! Make it doable.

I'm a low-pressure type person, so I encourage everyone to join in, even if you don't complete something every day. Even just giving yourself the challenge and creating more than you usually would is a beautiful thing. But if you can create something every day for 30 days, I highly recommend it! I've learned and grown so much through doing it each year. And the community that develops is always amazing."

I tried to do this last year and while I didn't manage everyday I did create more that month than I had all year. This year for me has been somewhat sparse in creative endeavors (if you don't count the chickens) so, I'm jumping in again with the hope that it will re-start my creative juices and get me rockin' and rollin' and 'making stuff' again. 

So what do you say? Are you willing to take the plunge and spend 30 days working on...writing, painting, sculpting, gardening (if you're in a warm place) photography, sketching, anything, something? If so, then click the pic and read about a fun filled month of creativity, learning and making art every day!