June 30, 2011

Where does your inspiration come from?

Part of what I love about this art piece is how the hubcap makes such a wonderful base and contrast for all these great faces. It inspires me to find different ways to use faces, other than as part of a figurative sculpture.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Do images form in your mind while reading a good book or listening to music? Does walking or working in nature conjure up ideas? Activities like these can spark whole avalanches of new thoughts and ideas for me.

What about viewing other people’s art online? This is another great venue for inspiration. Whether it’s photos on Flickr or belonging to a group that focuses on a medium, or style of art, you're interested in – be it painting, collage, altered books, pen & ink, writing or, one of my interests, sculpting the human face - hence the above photo.

The advantages of belonging to a group are many. You can explore how various artists express a 'theme' through different mediums, share your thoughts on a particular craft/art, ask questions about technical problems or share your 'know how' with others. Seeing how other artists approach a topic helps you see/think out side the box. Then there is seeing just how wide the interpretation of an art/medium can be translated and expressed.

'Hubcap Art', by Keri Joy Colestock, is just one example of some of the amazing work being created and shared online. What can be more inspiring than seeing how a person takes an object, or medium, in a new direction? For me that can inspire all kinds of thoughts! I am particularly creatively challenged by people who take unusual objects, mix them with their own special flare and just run with it, creating a 'series' or body of work that follows a process through many transformations. You can see how the germ of an idea (expressed in her hubcap) moves through several of Keri's pieces on her Etsy site.

 Where has inspiration led your art?

June 21, 2011

Sites to see

Here are some of the blogs I have been lead to recently that have been very uplifting, informative and great reminders that the world is only as beautiful as we see it. The blogs deal with some of my 'phobias' - Failure, Mistakes, Change, Self Worth...(maybe some of yours too?). 

Spirit Moves Dance Meg has written a very moving article on failure.

Scoutie Girl has a great guest article by Liz Kalloch called 'Living with - not by - Our Mistakes 

Amy Oscar's guest post by Jenn Gibson: 'The Wisdom of Going Home' deals with change.

And one more for good measure, (the Editor and Chief of Scoutie Girl) Tara Gentile's article "Are you in love with your own Potential?' 

There are so many more wonderful blogs out there that can inspire, move your heart and teach.What are some of your favorites?


June 10, 2011

Where does the time go?!

WOW, I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. Well, if your days seem to fly right by I know how you feel! I have been busy though working in the garden - when the rain has stopped and the mosquitoes aren't out - and creating 'stuff' and reading about cooking, creating and gardening.
I have several art projects in the works, such as painting on tiles:

Repainting a little blue gnome a friend gave me:
The color of the base is the color the whole gnome was
Some owl ATC's for a swap in May:
A mandala I designed in a class:
it's getting there!
which is taking a while because I can't decide quite what colors I should use and you can only color it once!

I'm currently working on sculpted figure, 'The White Queen' from Through the Looking Glass, but since this is for a swap I can't post any pictures yet.
I've also been taking lots of photos of my yard, various plants and shrubs, and of the cats:
periwinkle iris

elderberry blossom

fancy columbine

grape vine gone crazy

fur kids in the yard
Teasel in the tub with flowers

  And to think it's June already...