June 21, 2011

Sites to see

Here are some of the blogs I have been lead to recently that have been very uplifting, informative and great reminders that the world is only as beautiful as we see it. The blogs deal with some of my 'phobias' - Failure, Mistakes, Change, Self Worth...(maybe some of yours too?). 

Spirit Moves Dance Meg has written a very moving article on failure.

Scoutie Girl has a great guest article by Liz Kalloch called 'Living with - not by - Our Mistakes 

Amy Oscar's guest post by Jenn Gibson: 'The Wisdom of Going Home' deals with change.

And one more for good measure, (the Editor and Chief of Scoutie Girl) Tara Gentile's article "Are you in love with your own Potential?' 

There are so many more wonderful blogs out there that can inspire, move your heart and teach.What are some of your favorites?


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