June 2, 2010

the art of 'maleness'

There are so many figures I want to create that are male in their nature and appearance...and yet, the poor things tend to either come out as women or men masquerading as women. I just can't seem to get the proper edge to the face. Don't get me wrong, I know there are men who have gentle feminine faces, but I guess I'm trying for the stereotypical man. Anyway, with all that said here is yet another attempt at a 'man'. I sort of feel he is Asian in personality and can see him wearing saffron robes, it could be because of the bald head. Currently I am calling him Ping. As you know nothing is certain until the figure is done, so all is subject to change without notice.

(Please excuse my wobbly photo skills, it's hard to hold a head and photograph it at the same time)
The color in the bottom photos are closer to true, but still a little too red for his skin. These were taken in the same light and at the same time of day, but on different parts of the painting and with different light settings, I think I used 'auto' on the bottom photos and 'daylight' on the top.