November 13, 2009

Monster Mash!!

The Monster under the Bed swap!

I was partnered with Lisa Nelson of Bucks County Designs and Lisa Nelson’s Art. I received this AMAZING delicate ‘Frankenkitty’!!! Isn’t he just adorable? He’s even cuter in person! He is about 8" tall and his hand-painted face had wonderful detail.I sent Lisa my ‘Baby Monster with his Bunny’. He is made of Paperclay over a styrofoam frame. The bunny is felted sweater. I used acrylics to paint him and sealed with a spray matte acrylic finish – though he is still shiny.

November 4, 2009

Madonna - Staff Art Show

It seems like it takes me forever to post anything these days, but with the sun being down by 7p I find it difficult to be productive after work hours - my energy runs with the sun. I have however managed to create some art lately. I finished a figure for the Staff Art Show at work and I've been working on a challenge that is almost complete. So I don't feel too bad about the times I just lay on the couch listening to Terry Pratchett stories!
Madonna (My Lady)

This week I helped put up the 4th annual Staff Art Show. This is the 3rd year I participated. I enjoy this venue a lot because there is such a diverse array of art. I submitted a figurative sculpture called 'Madonna' (my lady). She is approximately 16" tall and is composed of paperclay, wire and wood. Her hair is brown paper bag and her clothing is made from crepe & tissue paper, some of the tissue paper I altered by creating a pastel pattern on it. The process of creating a little person is enjoyable, but I really love sculpting faces - so much so I have a hat box full of little heads waiting for bodies!!