November 13, 2009

Monster Mash!!

The Monster under the Bed swap!

I was partnered with Lisa Nelson of Bucks County Designs and Lisa Nelson’s Art. I received this AMAZING delicate ‘Frankenkitty’!!! Isn’t he just adorable? He’s even cuter in person! He is about 8" tall and his hand-painted face had wonderful detail.I sent Lisa my ‘Baby Monster with his Bunny’. He is made of Paperclay over a styrofoam frame. The bunny is felted sweater. I used acrylics to paint him and sealed with a spray matte acrylic finish – though he is still shiny.


  1. LOVE your Monster Baby! and of course I love the cat! LOL

  2. Hi Deanna - thank you so much for posting these two characters! I LOVE my monster that you sent me. Stop by when you have a second - I just did my blog posting today. Have a fabulous weekend! Lisa