November 18, 2010

Knight of Pentacles

Every so often I look at my Tarot cards. Partially I do this to connect with something beyond my egotistic mind, which is ever critical and sometimes down right rude. At other times it is to enjoy the color, design and variety of the artists interpretations (I have several decks). About 7 years ago I participated in an on-line tarot card swap. In the swap I created my version of 'The Star', 'The Tower' and this one, 'The Knight of Pentacles':

I thought the man quite handsome when I put this together - I still do! One of the attributes the knight represents is 'the desire for beauty and aesthetics, musical and artistic abilities' (I tend to take what I want from an interpretation and leave the rest). I loved how the elements of this card came together, sort of obscure in it's references, but the symbolism is there. So, your 'card' for the day is the Knight of Pentacles, go out and fill your desire for beauty, in whatever form it may take.

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