December 3, 2012


tote i painted this fall
To start I just want to say to those who have commented in previous posts, I have read them and tried to respond, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I can't get my responses to post! So please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm not.
the boy looking cute early this summer - before the 'flea invasion!' and hair cut.
That said...with 'daylight saving time' gone I'm quickly moving into 'hibernation season'. If it's dark, I want to sleep! Anyone else have this problem? I've upped my vitaming 'D'. Maybe sun lamps are next.

Does anyone else think they should just let 'daylight saving time' be year round and call it good? I mean what's the point of getting us use to the dark in the morning, giving us a taste of daylight for maybe 3 weeks and then dumping us back in the dark until March, just before 'daylight saving time' starts again?! It's beyond me. OK, end of whining.

This last weekend I went on a 3 day 'quilting' retreat. This was our 4th year - last year I missed because I didn't want to leave the chickens alone, silly me. I took lots of knitting and will have pictures of what I completed next time. I learned to knit in the 'continental' style and let me say that even though I'm still slow at it, I'm faster ribbing with it than with the 'throwing' method, who would have guessed! 

It was pure bliss to be able to get up, create, eat - no cooking mind you! - play, create, eat, create, see a pattern here? all weekend... Now, if I could find a job like that I'd be all over it!

This was 730am Saturday morning. It was great! So mysterious and quiet.
This was the sunrise, around 7am, Sunday morning. Quite the turn around, but that's Nebraska! 
Of course, this was the face that greeted me when I got home, but Japser did finally cave and give me lots of purrs and kitty kisses once he got passed his snit.
Yeah, I know, he still looks adorable even when he's pissy!

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  1. Well weren't you just the busy bee! I love it! Your pictures are really great and the tote is totally fabulous. I have such a talented sister! I love you.