June 14, 2012

Texture and Pattern

I really like the sun bleached patterns on the brick
 I live less than 2 blocks from a grain mill and train tracks. Surprisingly, except in winter, I seldom hear the trains. I do however here the blowers on the mill. Some might find this annoying, but it's a constant and soothing sort of sound. The other advantage of the mill is all the wonderful textures and patterns it offers for photography. Here are a few photos from my last 'mill shoot'. (The sky was very bright that day so it looks white in some photos).

The texture in the stucco above the roof is just fascinating to me

brick, wood, glass, cement...lovely

...add in pipes, aluminum, metal walkways, venting and sky, sigh.

I must admit I think this improves the look of the boxcar

...and this one is just fun

This is my favorite part of the whole mill, I love the shape.

It's even higher up than this picture suggests, 'zoom' is wonderful!

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