February 22, 2012

For 'Old Black Cat' - Thanks for 'Hanging', Here's the next step!

Here are the birdies with some color. They are starting to take on more personality. They will be completed by mid March since they will be in an art show in April.
Another WIP is 'Home is where the Heart is' bird house. It's a piece being donated to raise funds for our local nature center so they can continue with their education and outreach to elementary school children.
She will be wearing a dress and apron evetually, along with holding a small bird in her hand. Her other arm is glued on now, but I don't have pictures as yet.
I find her a little scary right now, but I know in the end she will be quite 'twee'.


  1. I love the little birdies, they make me happy!
    I really adore "home is where the heart is". I can't wait to see this one finished.

    1. Thanks! you're such a supportive sister!!!

  2. well, I'm loving the birds!
    and I do like scary! LOL!
    XOXO - Cindi

    1. Thanks Cindi! just posted the completed 'birdhouse' the birdies are right on schedule, so should be posted in the next week or 2.