November 9, 2011


Well, it's been a trying late Summer/early Fall. First Fern went broody (wanted only to sit on eggs all day) and then, sad to say, in early October Miss Ivy passed away. I still don't know what from, but she went down hill very quickly and Fern was fine. So, there I was with one lonely broody chicken and I couldn't have that. My wonderful neighbor Robert (who has a flock of Silkies) knew a lady out of town who was selling pullets at a very reasonable rate. I now have a beautiful Rhode Island Red named Miss Iris. She's a little smaller than Fern and is quick to follow Fern's bossy lead. I'm also happy to report that Miss Iris was just the competition Fern needed to get off the nest and back to laying properly! I have been collecting between 9-12 eggs per week since Miss Iris arrived, it's wonderful! The next plan of action is to set up winter quarters for the girls. My garage is too small for my truck, but would make a wonderful coop/garden shed, so that's the plan for now. Hope you are having a wonderful Fall!
Miss Iris
Miss Fern eats soup
9 days harvest
possible winter quarters


  1. OH my, Miss Fern is so beautiful!
    Glad things have turned around,
    so sorry to hear about Miss Ivy.

  2. Thanks Cindi, I think Miss Iris very pretty too, though it was sad to lose Miss Ivy, she was such a quirky girl.