March 16, 2011


So here is a little blog about my process. The theme for March Monthly art on Willowing was 'bunnies'. Well, this just played into my hands, bunnies are one of my most favorite animals. (The Velveteen Rabbit is still one of my favorites stories). So, anyway, I doodled some bunnies while eating KFC - because I am such a healthy eater and the back of the paper place-mat was there and blank - I liked the faces but the bunny at the bottom of the page was the one I thought would work best, it's about 2" x 2.5" in size. I scanned it, cropped it and printed it on a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.
I then took the enlarged copy and used modge podge and glued it to a 7" x 9" mason board.

When it was dry I trimmed off the excess paper and put a layer of modge podge across the top and let it dry again. This gave a nice surface to work on and kept the paper from pilling when I painted it. You can see that the other doodles are still showing on the page. From there I took thinned acrylics and painted in the base colors.

And finally I just added more paint and then went in with colored pencils to add more depth and texture. This is the finished piece.


  1. Hey!
    That's awesome! Love seeing your process. I never thought to just make a copy of my sketches... lol!

  2. Thanks Lotus, but I can't claim the idea, I saw it on another blog...I'll have to find it and credit it!