February 3, 2011

February White

As much as I'm not loving the cold weather, I can't help but marvel at the colors and textures of winter. Crisp lines, soft edges, blurred distances. Beautiful colors of palest pinks, greens, blues, browns and grays, of bright red berries, burgundy dogwood stems, deep green pines. It's really amazing how much there is to see and wonder at in winter! My most favorite thing about winter, beside all that I've mentioned, is the silhouette of branches and grasses against the snow or softly shrouded in a misty glaze of frost. Ice covered trees and grasses are beautiful too, but I don't like the damage it can do. Today the sun is out, but earlier in the week it looked like this...

Sumac is always a treat to view in winter.
The redbuds are just gnarly wonders, I have scads of picture of them!

  The air is soft with blowing snow and frosted trees.

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