December 14, 2010

Winter...little visitors

Snow is so beautiful...if you don't have to shovel it, drive in it or otherwise be out in it, but it does let me know who has been visiting my yard. I love to see the little bird feet, kitty paws and other tracks left behind.



  1. I think that last photo should be entitled "YUM".
    Beautiful Pictures!

  2. Yes, I like to see who has been in my yard too!
    When I was a little girl, I remember telling my parents that I knew that Santa had been watching me. When they asked me how I knew, I told them that I had seen the footprints going up to my bedroom window..............
    That's one of the reasons that I now like having a 2 story home and a BIG dog. :)

  3. YUM?! lol...

    whoa!, I'd have my room on the 2nd floor and a big dog too!